Four Great Benefits of Orthodontic Treatment

Four Benefits of San Antonio Orthodontic Treatment

Four Great Benefits of Orthodontic Treatment

When most people visit the dentist, they’re either receiving a check-up or a one-time treatment for oral conditions such as an infection or cavity. Orthodontists on the other hand treat misalignment in the teeth, as well as the negative effects caused by it.

People receive orthodontic care for a number of reasons. One person might have misalignment problems caused by a single tooth, while another person might be dealing with a number of issues that require a more complex approach. Either way, each patient’s treatment is personalized and designed to cater to his/her specific needs.

The Advantages of Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontics not only helps patients address a wide range of oral issues, but it also helps them avoid the same issues in the future, in addition to a number of other problems. The truth is that there are so many good reasons to enlist the help of an experienced orthodontist. These are the four most popular benefits of orthodontic care!

1. The risk will be greatly lowered of sustaining damage to your teeth. When misalignment is an issue, teeth chipping is often also at a heightened risk. In some cases, all it would take to chip or damage the affected teeth is a very light force. Orthodontic care is designed to correct misalignment and prevent any sort of possible damage that could be caused by the misalignment.

2. Your teeth will be easier to clean. When teeth are crooked or misaligned, they are quite difficult to clean and maintain. Some areas that would normally be easy to reach with floss or a toothbrush might prove difficult with a misalignment. After proper orthodontic treatment, cleaning and care is a breeze. This also decreases your risk of oral disease and infection.

3. Your jaw muscles and joints will be free of strain. When the teeth are out of place, cramped, or aligned improperly, even doing something as simple as eating can prove to be a challenge. Over time, these physical defects can put quite a strain on your oral muscles and joints. With orthodontics, this can be corrected through ongoing treatment and therapy.

4. Your self confidence will sky rocket. Consistently trying to hide your smile because of oral imperfections can become a challenge. Likewise, it can take a toll on your confidence and body image. Having a smile you can take pride in will do quite a bit more than just compliment your face. It will also boost how you feel about yourself. Long gone will be the days of avoiding photos, shying away from dates, forcing your mouth to stay closed through smiles, and more. You will assume a level of confidence you’ve never experienced before.

If you haven’t already done so, consider looking into orthodontic care. Your health and confidence will not be able to thank you enough!  San Antonio Orthodontist, Dr. Keith Blalock offers complimentary exams for new patients. This exam entails a thorough evaluation and x-rays to determine the best orthodontic treatment tailored to your needs.