Celebrating National Orthodontic Health Month

We are excited to celebrate National Orthodontic Health Month! October is all about healthy smiles, learning about having a good oral health care routine, and discovering some reasons why orthodontic treatments may benefit you. You can have an attractive smile that you would feel proud to show off.

The first thing we need to do is cover the basics. Orthodontic treatments offer many benefits. Our clients primarily seek orthodontic treatments in order to straighten their teeth or adjust them in order to improve their appearance. Clients can also experience functional benefits after using braces or other orthodontic treatments. Pressure is distributed evenly to all of your teeth when they are aligned properly, so this benefits your teeth, jaw joints, and gums now and in the future.

Straight teeth are easier to clean. Improving oral health and orthodontics go hand in hand.

Common issues that our clients would like to address by using orthodontic treatments include an incorrect bite, prominent teeth, crowded teeth, and crooked teeth. If these concerns are not addressed, oral health problems are likely to rise. All of these things are connected to tooth decay, gingivitis, jaw issues, and tooth loss.

Traditional metal braces and aligners that are clear are often used to correct teeth that are misaligned or crowded. The appliances will guide your teeth into the correct position. After wearing braces or clear aligners for a set amount of time, you will need to wear a retainer. The retainer is designed to keep your teeth straight. It provides a stabilizing effect to allow the bones to settle and the gums to heal.

It is common for people to think about orthodontic treatments being used for children and teenagers. And while young people definitely benefit from orthodontic treatments, adults can benefit too. It is becoming more common for adults to request orthodontic treatments. They want to correct issues they have been dealing with for a long time and set their oral health on the right path as they get older. One estimate shows that more than one million adults are using orthodontic treatments at this time.

You may be wondering what you can do to protect your orthodontic appliance if you are correcting an issue with your teeth. Here are a few tips from the American Association of Orthodontists that are especially exciting to consider during National Orthodontic Health Month.

  1. Avoid crunchy, sticky, hard, or chewy candies. While they may be tempting to eat, say no to jellybeans, gum, caramel, and licorice. Think about how much sooner you will be able to enjoy these treats if you just say no now and protect your braces.
  2. Say no to hard treats. Take a pass on popcorn, chips, nuts, and treats that are filled with nuts. These things could damage or break the brackets, bands, and wires of your braces.
  3. Keep up your brushing and flossing routine. Remember that candy and other sweets cause cavities. If you indulge in a sugar-filled snack, be mindful about brushing in order to remove the sugar and starch from your teeth.

If you are interested in finding out if braces can help you correct an issue with your smile, contact the San Antonio orthodontic practice of Blalock Orthodontics.  We are excited to work with new patients during National Orthodontic Health Month and would be happy to schedule a free consultation for you.