Top Reasons to Keep Your Braces Clean

With so many children starting their orthodontic treatment in the fall, we’d like to provide a helpful reminder to make sure they keep their braces clean and tidy. In this blog, we’re going to touch on the top reasons your child needs to keep their braces looking their best. Don’t forget to contact us at any time to ask any questions about your child’s treatment. Keeping your braces clean can help:

Prevent Cavities

While wearing braces, there are more opportunities for food to become lodged in between braces. Leftover pieces of food can result in cavities which require additional treatment. Therefore, by brushing after every meal, you can prevent cavities from forming during your treatment.

Prevent Staining

Food that gets caught in your braces can not only cause cavities as described above, but can also stain your teeth. So by keeping your mouth clean, you can keep your teeth looking sparkling and pearly white!

Prevent Bad Breath

Have you noticed how food starts to smell if left out for too long? Now imagine the same food being caught in between your braces. That’s why bad breath can easily be taken care of by proper brushing techniques.

Avoid Food Debris

Perhaps one of the most embarrassing moments is when you smile and have food stuck in between your teeth. By keeping your braces clean, you can smile confidently and not worry about showing the infamous lettuce leaf on your front two teeth.

Maintain Oral Health

The first step in maintaining proper oral health is keeping your braces clean. Good oral health is important because it prevents problems such as gum disease from occurring. If left untreated, gum disease can develop into more serious lifestyle related diseases. Therefore, whether you have braces or not, it’s critical to maintain the best oral health possible.

Clean Braces Minimize Your Treatment Time

Perhaps the best part of keeping your mouth and braces clean is that you allow you braces from doing their optimum work and have the opportunity to show off your new smile even sooner that you thought.

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