Straighten Your Teeth and Keep Eating All Your Favorite Meals

People who have had braces at one point in their lives perfectly understand that there are various meals that they cannot have or drink. Anything sugary, hard gummy, or sticky is not on their meal list.

If you are thinking about straightening your teeth but still worrying about how the process may affect your daily diet, you can benefit from getting detachable, clear aligners. Like Invisalign, detachable aligners are an option for braces, and you can remove them before meals. There is no point in worrying about the type of food you can and not enjoy, and you can still choose from a variety of foods. Below are some food options you should not have with braces; however, you may have them with Invisalign.

Foods You Bite Using Your Front Teeth

It is not advisable to go around biting into corn on your cob or an apple with braces. The reason being biting into foods using the front teeth will result in the loosening of your wires and front brackets. Nonetheless, people having Invisalign may enjoy all these foods; they only have to detach their aligners and enjoy their juicy apple!

Foods That Are Hard, Like Nuts or Hard Candies

Eating hard candies or nuts can result in popping off of your braces, as it would happen if you bit into an apple. Additionally, you must avoid munching on ice.

It is a surprise when you learn that foods, such as crusty French bread, may also lead to braces problems. To take care of your braces, you should avoid these types of food instead of biting into them: raw vegetables, burgers, crusty pieces of bread, meat, croutons, and thin-crust pizza.

Chewy Foods

Sticky, chewy foods such as bubble gum caramel, gummy bears, and licorice are fun treats to some people; however, these grubs may get stuck all over your braces, metal wires, and brackets. That situation might be very messy and sticky. With Invisalign, take away your aligners and start enjoying your sticky or chewy foods without worries.

The best thing with Invisalign you may take all your preferred foods; furthermore, you do not need to have anxiety concerning problematic oral hygiene. Despite all the effort of eating the approved foods, there is a chance that some will remain in between the teeth, brackets, and wires.

Make sure you floss and brush after eating. You can also consider using some special floss picks to ensure you remove any remaining food debris between your teeth. Being reluctant to do so could place you into cavities risks and can even result in stains on your teeth. That means that you might have some discolored teeth with subsequent brackets removal.

With Invisalign, you don’t have to think about the special diet that one should follow or some complex oral cleaning procedures. It is so fast and straightforward to remove Invisalign aligners before drinking and eating.

Ensure that you brush your teeth after every meal and later attach your aligners back in their position. You can walk around as you bite your juicy apples, sticky toffee treat, corn cob, or have whatever you feel like eating. Take out the aligners before you grab your favorite meal and enjoy everything that is on your menu.

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