Orthodontists: The Superior Choice for Teeth Straightening

Seeking the Best Orthodontist in San Antonio

The appeal of straight teeth is strong in modern American society, and oftentimes achieving this goal requires the help of a professional. This is where your reliable San Antonio Orthodontist comes in: ready, able, and an expert in their craft. But why choose an Orthodontist over a Dentist? Do they not perform the same work? As you consider your options for teeth straightening, keep in mind the following important reasons why the answer to those two questions is a firm “no.”


Dentists enter Dental School with a Bachelor’s degree, and after four years of study, they receive their Doctor of Dental Medicine (or Doctor of Dental Surgery). This is grueling work that takes much time, effort, and dedication.

Orthodontists go through the same process, and then add a few years on top of that training with orthodontic residency and more specific training in their field. It can take upwards of ten years for an Orthodontist to gain certification, and in that time, they are working to surpass their base skills as a Dentist. Indeed, the skilled Orthodontist is a Dentist with a broader base of specialized skills focused on jaw and teeth alignment–meaning that these professionals are trained specifically to help straighten teeth, and for that reason alone should be given serious consideration for any related procedure.


Orthodontists are specially trained to not only recognize jaw or tooth abnormalities, but also to treat these conditions in an efficient and effective manner. An Orthodontist’s expertise does not stop at teeth: he or she must have an in-depth knowledge of the skull and face as a whole to better understand where misalignments may be causing issues (which can include an overbite, underbite, or crooked teeth). While Dentists are trained professionals in the anatomy of the human mouth, they lack the specialized training that Orthodontists go through. In much the same way that you would go to an orthopedic surgeon to fix a knee injury, so, too, should you go to an Orthodontist for your teeth straightening needs.


In every medical profession, specialists are required to keep up with changes in technology or technique. Orthodontists are no exception; as knowledge of orthodontic practices improves, Orthodontists are also improving to offer the latest and most efficient care for your teeth and jaw. A skilled Orthodontist will be aware of all options available to you for teeth straightening, while a Dentist will be more limited.

Seeking out a trained Orthodontist in San Antonio, Texas is the first big step toward finding the proper care that your teeth, and your life, deserve. Dr. Keith Blalock is here to make the process easy with results to last a lifetime.