October is National Orthodontic Health Month

October is National Orthodontic Health Month

October does mean Halloween, costumes and candy for most people. But this period is certainly a nightmare for all dentists. With the candy and sugar that you take in, comes the cavities for them to deal with. This could be why October has been declared as the National Orthodontic Health Month.

This is also an important time to educate children that along with enjoying the treats and candy, they need to maintain their teeth well and keep it clean for good health. After all, the sugars they eat could cause a lot of damage to their oral health if it were not handled properly after that.

One of the fears many kids have when they reach middle school is the thought of needing braces. However, this too is an important aspect of orthodontic health that children need to endure, even if it is not very comfortable. Here are three reasons why middle school children should consider getting braces for their teeth.

Firstly, braces straighten the teeth better, making it easier to keep it clean in the long run. While it could be a challenge to clean behind the brackets and wires while you have your braces on, it would be a whole lot easier once the braces are off. Straighter teeth that are easier to maintain would also mean that you can avoid tooth decay for much longer. And having good oral health with no decay can also help your overall health. If the teeth are maintained well, this could prevent a lot of bacterial infection in the throat, helping you avoid potentially large medical issues.

Braces are also good at correcting any overbite and underbite that you might have. Having a bite alignment issue can hurt your self-esteem, make it harder to eat or speak, as well as cause other dental issues over time. These bite alignment issues can cause unwanted wear and tear on parts of the mouth. This could lead to a tooth cracking or chipping away, which then leads to more tooth decay.

Fixing this problem with braces could help regain your self-esteem and confidence, as well as avoid other dental problems. Be sure to discuss thoroughly with your orthodontist so all bite alignment issues are handled while you are getting your braces done.

Having their braces help straighten their teeth and correct any bite issues would do wonders to a child’s confidence. They will be more willing to speak in public and take part in school performances. They won’t be worried about any school photographs. They would certainly be less conscious about their teeth and more forthcoming to enjoy their experiences at school. This would do wonders to their school life as well as how they develop as a child and reach adulthood with more confidence.

As you can see, there are many benefits to investing in braces that can help you for years to come. While it might be a cumbersome phase, it will bear its fruits as you experience straighter and more beautiful teeth for many more years. You can smile widely and with pride, without feeling conscious. All while having better dental health for a better overall health. Your braces can help your teeth, health and life.

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