Invisalign Teen – The Discreet Option For Today’s Teen

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Invisalign Teen – The Discreet Option For Today’s Teen

Being a teenager is fun and exciting because of all the activities that they partake in from hanging out with friends, participating in sports to school work and playing in a band. Most teenagers have busy schedules that often involve being in public and with friends. Thus, they find it challenging to feel confident in their bodies especially when they have visible braces. If you have a teenager that needs orthodontic treatment but is against wearing braces, Invisalign is a treatment you should consider. Here at Blalock Orthodontics, we offer Invisalign Teen treatment that is regarded as the best alternative to traditional metal braces.

What is Invisalign Teen?

Invisalign Teen as the name suggests is an Invisalign treatment specially designed for teens. The adult Invisalign treatment has been modified to address the specific and unique needs of teens. Invisalign Teen treatment does not use brackets, metal bands or wires that are visible; instead, it uses clear, removable aligners. These aligners are usually custom made for your teenager to fit perfectly in the mouth.

Benefits of Invisalign Teen

The benefits of Invisalign Teen treatment are endless compared to wearing metal braces or bands. The following are some of its benefits:

1. Convenient and few limitations

Metal bands or braces are not convenient to wear because they are cemented to your teenager’s teeth for the whole period of the treatment. Also, your teen must follow a strict diet and clean their teeth regularly to maintain the braces. This also includes regular visits to the dentist in between your teenager’s busy schedules for regular checkups.

With Invisalign Teen, none of these problems is present. The Invisalign treatment is convenient because you can remove them when eating or cleaning your teeth. You do not need to follow a strict diet, and the visits to the dentist office are far apart because there is nothing to adjust. This frees up more time for your teenager.

2. Being active in sports or music is not a problem

It is not impossible to play with metal braces, but some musical instruments are difficult to use with metal bands. For instance, playing brass instruments or woodwind can be challenging. If your teen gets Invisalign Teen treatment, they can continue playing in their favorite band at ease.

The same also applies to teenagers playing sports. It is advisable to use Invisalign treatment when playing sports because the safety measures are higher. With metal braces, there is a higher chance of someone getting cut by the wires or causing personal injuries. There are special mouth guards for people with braces, but the safer option is Invisalign treatment.

3. Improves self-confidence

As a teenager, you are often concerned about how you look in front of your peers and schoolmates. Teens with braces always worry about how their teeth look and whether they will be bullied for them. This, in turn, lowers the self-confidence of your teenager.

With Invisalign Teen treatment your teenager does not need to worry about their appearance because they are invisible. When taking pictures for school and with friends, the aligners will not be visible. Also, you have the option of taking them out briefly when taking photos.

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If your teenager does not want to deal with all the social problems that regular braces cause, they can get Invisalign Teen treatment in San Antonio, TX. This allows them to focus on sports, school, friends and dating. Contact us today to set up your visit with us for Invisalign Teen treatment. We always look forward to meeting new patients that want an excellent alternative for their braces.