Why Is It Important to Get a Second Opinion for Orthodontic Treatment?

After surveying 2,000 adults, Harris Interactive discovered that only 19 percent of those asked would seek a second opinion for a medical diagnosis. Out of these 2,000 adults, 6 percent would get a second opinion before undergoing an orthodontic procedure. However, when it comes to major home repairs, an overwhelming 70 percent of respondents would get another quote, and 50 percent of people would get a second estimate for an automobile repair.

It is always wise to seek a second opinion for orthodontic treatment because not all orthodontists use the same methods to correct an alignment issue or malocclusion. Technology advancements have broadened the variety of available orthodontic treatments. Therefore, a second opinion from a San Antonio orthodontist may open the door to options such as discreet braces, clear aligners and affordable payment plans.

Save Money

Often, a second opinion from a San Antonio orthodontist does not cost the patient any money. The orthodontist may offer budget-friendly options like the following examples:

  • A discount for upfront payment in full
  • Directly billing the patient’s insurance provider
  • Family discounts
  • Interest-free financing plans
  • Monthly installments for treatment

Treatment Alternatives

Most people want a convenient, inconspicuous orthodontic appliance. These aspects are especially important to adult patients. Throughout the last several decades, orthodontic technology has become more refined, so now orthodontists can offer more comfortable and less noticeable orthodontic treatments.

Invisalign is a type of clear aligner that is barely noticeable, making it an excellent choice for those who are concerned with discreetness. Many orthodontists offer Invisalign treatment to those who suffer from alignment issues or a mild or moderate bite. However, a San Antonio orthodontist who is an Elite Invisalign Provider is trained to treat complex cases with the Invisalign process.

Patient-Provider Relationship

Orthodontic patients must receive routine cleanings and adjustments. Since they will have an ongoing relationship with the same orthodontist and hygienists, it is crucial for patients to feel comfortable at the orthodontist’s office. Before getting another opinion, you should meet the orthodontist, hygienists and office staff. Anxiety about the orthodontist’s bedside manner or recommendations can negatively affect your treatment.