Braces and Valentine’s Day: The Perfect Match

Enjoy Valentine's Day wearing Braces

Valentine’s Day is a great time to load up on candy and sweets. However, just because the candy is on sale doesn’t mean your diet should be strictly candy-based. Orthodontists have a lot to say on the matter of Valentine’s Day. Here are a few tips that they suggest so you can enjoy sweets without compromising your oral health.

1. Avoid Hard Candies

Certain candies like jolly ranchers, suckers, and other hard candies might be a good idea to avoid for those with braces. Biting down on the hard candy can actually damage the metal of the braces. You may have to return to your orthodontist for new wiring or brackets.

They can also be hard on your teeth in general. Biting down on particularly hard candy can injure your jaw and cause your teeth to crack. If the hard candy shatters in your mouth, you might also stab your gums or even choke on them.

2. Avoid Sticky Candies

Another kind of candy to avoid are sticky types. These can also damage your braces. They’re also more likely to sprout cavities in your teeth. Because of their sticky nature, they tend to cling onto the tooth even after you have eaten it. With all of that sugar resting against your gums and teeth, bacteria can quickly eat and gnaw away at your gums and enamel.

3. Do Eat Melty Chocolate

One candy that orthodontists do suggest indulging in is the kind of chocolate that melts in your mouth. This kind is soft enough that biting into it directly won’t damage your braces. It also is easier to clean up after once you’ve eaten it.

4. Brush after Eating

Another tip to make the most of your oral health during Valentine’s Day is to brush your teeth. Shortly after you eat your chocolates, you should take the time to brush your teeth. This is the only way you can help keep your teeth from rotting away from all of the sugar that you consumed.

A quick brush and flossing are all you need to help keep your oral health in check.

5. Stay Away From Pop/Soda

There are a lot of Valentine’s Day parties during February. One common beverage served at those parties is pop. While it may be tempting to have a sweet drink with a sweet dessert, you might want to skip out on it. Since you’re already eating a sugar-heavy dessert, it might be worth it to drink water instead. Not only can water help clean your teeth of the sugar you’ve already consumed, but it’s also healthier for you.

Pop, by itself, can do a lot of harm to your mouth. It’s packed full of sugar which can slowly start to rot away the enamel. To protect your oral health, you should switch out pop with water.

6. Schedule an Orthodontist Appointment

One final tip is to schedule an appointment shortly after Valentine’s Day with your orthodontist. If you plan on consuming a lot of sugary foods and treats on February 14th, then it might be a good idea to have an appointment to see your orthodontist either the day after or a few days after.

No one can brush and protect your teeth like a professional. It’s also a great time to check to see if your braces are still holding up after all of the crunchings of your candy.

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