Boost Your Self-Confidence with State-of-the-Art Orthodontic Treatment

Boost Your Self-Confidence with State-of-the-Art Orthodontic Treatment

There is a lot of information readily available about the physical benefits of San Antonio orthodontic treatment.  Not only do they straighten the teeth, producing a more even and more attractive smile; they remove gaps and unsightly deformations, and can prevent gum decay and disease in later life. However, the emotional and psychological benefits of orthodontic treatment are rarely discussed.

Medical research studies show that a person who is unhappy about their physical appearance can suffer low self-esteem and even depression.  A crooked smile can weaken a person’s sense of self, as they feel self-conscious speaking, smiling and even laughing when in the company of other people.  Unfortunately, self-conscious individuals are highly aware that we live in a society where people are primarily judged on their looks in professional and social situations.

A sense of dissatisfaction about themselves can especially affect teenagers who suffer terribly from peer pressure from their schoolmates and personal family and friends. Unrealistic images in magazines, through social media and television, can result in teenagers forming a distorted body image of themselves and their peers.  Most teenagers want to look similar to their friends to “fit in,” and a small difference between themselves and those around them, such as gaps in their teeth or misshapen teeth can become a super-inflated area of concern.

Child and Adolescent Mental health experts report that dissatisfaction amongst adolescents can result in a drop of their self-confidence which affects their ability to perform well in school, both educationally and socially.  In some cases, this can lead to depression especially when children and adolescents suffer teasing or mocking behavior from their schoolmates and friends. Older students, particularly between the grades of 7 and 8, suffer the most peer pressure.

Experts state that the results of different types of social pressure vary depending on age, gender, and weight.  Previously it was assumed that girls suffer more than boys from appearance-related stress, and they have a greater degree of fear of their peers excluding them, both inside and outside of school.  These results are not surprising given the emphasis placed on female appearance in most western societies.  However, more recent research has shown that boys suffer low self-esteem because of their looks to a similar degree and receive the same amount of teasing from their friends.

Over 80 percent of adolescents require orthodontic support at some point and parents who wish to support their children can help them through their treatment by ensuring that they receive the best possible advice.  An experienced Certified Orthodontist will have all the information about different options available, informed by the most up to date technology.  This will ensure that the treatment a child receives is as comfortable as possible.

Adults are also increasingly seeking orthodontic treatment, for psychological as well as physical reasons.  They not only want to improve the appearance of their smile, but to feel more confident they may also seek relief from migraines, neck pain, and TMD.  For adults also suffer from low self-esteem issues related to their appearance correcting their smile may offer a less costly, less invasive and less painful procedure, than facial surgery, for example.

Aesthetics are usually the reason that adult patients seek orthodontic treatment, but the psychological benefits of this treatment are equally significant. Without the niggling doubts about their facial appearance, adults can get on with their lives and accomplish goals and objectives which they previously felt were impossible. Adults patients have reported that they feel more youthful, more sociable, have a greater sense of self-confidence and even feel more desirable after completing their orthodontic treatment.