Benefits of Having a Straight Smile Through Orthodontics

Benefits of Having a Straight Smile Through Orthodontics

A crooked smile or unflattering teeth can make anyone feel self-conscious. You may avoid smiling altogether, if you happen to be someone with an unattractive set of teeth. It’s not a rare fear. Millions of people worry that their smile is damaged and may be unattractive enough to cost them a new job or make them unappealing to members of the opposite sex. If this does describe you, visiting your local San Antonio orthodontist may be your best option.

A Winning Smile Is Important

Having an overbite may be the worst kind of flaw people obsess over and with good reason. A tooth that overlaps often appears darker, drawing attention to that less than perfect smile. Even if you’re the only one that pays it any attention, an overbite can affect your entire mental state. It can make you feel overly self-critical and it can cost you the confidence you need in professional and social situations.

Our smile and other facial expressions are vital to communication, as well. Studies have shown that 50% to 90% of our communication relies on our facial expressions, so maintaining a good smile is more than just vanity. It’s essential to communication. Without a full range of facial expressions, our words can be misinterpreted and understood in a completely foreign context.
In fact, a smile is a universal form of greeting. It’s something we understand here at home and abroad in other countries, where English is not the first or primary language. A smile speaks of warmth and friendship. Returning a smile lets two people know they’re friendly and open toward one another, dismissing feelings of mistrust, suspicion, and fear.

Smiles aren’t always voluntary either. A Swedish study found that people smile back as a kind of an involuntary reflex. When someone smiles at another person, that individual will instinctively smile back. If he doesn’t, it’s because he made a deliberate effort to withhold that smile.

The Psychology Of The Smile

Smiling doesn’t just affect how we interact with others. It also affects our own emotional and psychological states. More and more studies are finding that positive thinking and a brighter attitude has greater influences on our health and general states of well being. As science continues to evaluate the effects our emotions have on our bodies, we develop a deeper understanding and appreciation for the benefits of frequent smiling.

In psychology, there is even a field of study called “happiness research,” which also goes by the term of positive psychology. This field of study seeks to substantiate the link between smiling nd happiness. Research has already found that smiling causes your brain to react positively. When someone smiles, the brain releases what we call “feel good” neurotransmitters. They are endorphins, dopamine, and serotonin. When these substances are released, the body relaxes and our heart rate and blood pressure is lowered.

So, if you are the type of person who doesn’t smile often, it may be time to talk to a San Antonio orthodontist about changing that. One option may be Invisalign and patients are already gushing over the benefits of this smile-straightening procedure. Even for adult patients, Invisalign helps to transform a once flawed set of teeth into an award-winning smile. Experience the miracle of corrective dentistry through the latest advances.

Additionally, Invisalign helps keep the corrective device unseen by others, while you set to work straightening out your smile. Whichever method you and your orthodontist choose for fixing your smile, it won’t be long before your smile is winning friends and endearing you to your colleagues. It’s never too late to get the smile you deserve.