At What Age Should Children Get Braces?

At what age should children get braces in San AntonioFrom the first few teeth that a child gets, a parent can tell whether or not their child’s teeth are going to need to be straightened out later in life. Going to an orthodontist can be very daunting for young children and parents alike, so getting an initial screening is often put off as long as possible. But when IS your child old enough to receive orthodontic treatment? And are there actual benefits from getting screened and treated so early? This article will explain why getting braces sooner than later is most likely a better choice for your child.

At one point in their lives all parents have been adolescents, and during this time it is almost certain that every single one of you knew or at least saw someone who had uneven or even gapped teeth. As we all know that children can tease or ridicule quite harshly, taking care of these kinds of orthodontic issues BEFORE they become more serious later in life is important to your child’s self-image and confidence. The American Association of Orthodontist recommends that children no older than seven years old should receive their first orthodontic screening. As mentioned above, the earlier an orthodontist can diagnose and treat your child’s problems with their teeth, the better.

Orthodontic treatment can include anything from getting braces put on to coming up with other treatment options for often painful or annoying crowding, open bites, overbites, and many other ailments. A couple great reasons to get your child under some kind of orthodontic treatment before seven if needed are: The presence of baby teeth make corrections easier, waiting can make the treatment more complicated and last longer if all the permanent teeth are already in place. While metal braces may not be for everyone, depending on the severity of the condition of the child’s teeth clear ones and other options may be available.

Your child will surely thank you later down the road when they realize how much time, effort, money, and planning go into buying and caring for their orthodontic needs. When your child can smile openly and confidently for their school pictures, graduation day, wedding photos and family photos, you and your child will understand that the process of undergoing dental treatment was worth it. The entire process may take several years, but the results will last a lifetime!

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