4 Steps To Choosing The Best Orthodontist for Your Child

4 Steps To Choosing The Best Orthodontist for Your Child

Orthodontic treatment holds many benefits for your child’s future. In addition to improving their confidence, you can also know that getting braces helps with hygiene, speech problems and prevents problems down the road such as jaw disorders. By now, you may have already been told that your child needs braces for their dentist, or you suspected it just by noticing large gaps or crooked teeth. Once you have made the decision that braces are necessary, it’s time to take action by finding the right San Antonio orthodontist to fit your child’s needs.

Check For the Right Credentials

Today, many dentists offer special services that include Invisalign. However, you should be aware that there is a huge difference in the type and amount of training that dentists and orthodontists receive. For example, an orthodontist has completed dental school and then underwent two to three additional years of specialized training to earn the ability to perform orthodontics. That specialized training also includes specialized clinical experience that involved between 4,000 to 6,000 hours of working on patients within a supervised environment. Essentially, your San Antonio orthodontist, Dr. Blalock was already an expert by the time they opened up their practice. A dentist may be great for keeping those teeth in your child’s mouth, but a licensed orthodontist is best for shifting them into the correct alignment.

Ask To See Samples Of Their Work

Even among licensed orthodontists, techniques and skill levels can differ. Be prepared to ask to see before and after pictures of actual patients that your prospective orthodontist has helped. Sometimes, they will have some reviews on their website, and these can be helpful during your research phase. However, you should ask to see examples of the same procedures your child needs. During your first meeting with the orthodontist, they will give your child an evaluation and treatment plan. Compare this to what your dentist and other prospective orthodontists have recommended. If they differ significantly, then ask the orthodontist why they think their technique is best.

Read Up On Offsite Reviews

The testimonials an orthodontist has on their website were selected from satisfied patients and their parents. However, you can dig a little deeper to find out more San Antonio orthodontist reviews online. When reading reviews online, keep in mind that most people don’t leave one unless they are upset. However, multiple pages of negative reviews with few positive comments should always be a red flag. It sometimes helps to look for patterns within the reviews. For example, you may notice that many families struggled with scheduling or others had trouble with their insurance paperwork. Alternatively, parents may all rave about the comfortable chairside manner used by the staff. Either way, checking out what other people have to say can let you know what your future holds.

Ask About Payment Options

Naturally, parents often worry about how to cover the cost of orthodontic treatment because it can get expensive. Ask about what insurance plans your orthodontist accepts and if payment plans are available. Ideally, they should bill directly to the insurance first, and then ask you for any copays that are left over after the insurance pays. It is also important for your orthodontist to be up front about the total cost of treatment. While surprises do happen, such as a lost retainer, you should have an overall amount in mind for which to budget.

In general, children who receive orthodontic treatment early enjoy the best benefits. It is currently estimated that one in three children could benefit from braces, and your child should be evaluated for orthodontic services by the age of seven. While they may not need braces until they are older, choosing the right Orthodontist in San Antonio that knows how to partner with families to create that perfect smile gives your child a head start toward a lifetime of excellent oral health.

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